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Check out the pages below for everything you need to know about applying for a DAPA Grant.

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About DAPA Grants

Our mission: DAPA Grants help provide a fun and safe social environment at Harvard. Our committee funds both registered events containing alcohol and alternative alcohol-free events. To that end, the grants fund: (1) Substantial food items at registered parties with alcohol during high risk nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights), and (2) snacks and foods for …

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DAPA Grants are now open! Apply using this form by 5 PM on the Tuesday before your party. *Note: We do not fund off-campus events. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Parties: Q: Does DAPA fund parties that have alcohol? A: Yes! In fact, one purpose of DAPA grants is to reduce high-risk behavior by providing alternatives at such events. Q: Can DAPA grants go to parties without alcohol? A: Yes, of course! These events should occur during high-risk hours but offer a social …

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Drink Measurements

Party Tips

Rule #16: Looking sloppy is never cute. Rule #44: No excuses, eat like a champion. Rule #59: Chug some water. Rule #75: Be your own bartender. If you choose to drink, be sure to know what’s in your drink and how strong it is. Here are some basic facts: Best way to cure a hangover? …

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