Daniel Minamide

Subcommittee: Events

House: Lowell

Freshman Entryways: Canaday C, Canaday D, Canaday F, Grays Middle, Holworthy West, Pennypacker 4

Year: 2012

Concentration: Sociology/Economics

Email: [email protected]

Other Affiliations: Harvard Football, DAPA A-Team, Half-Asian Person’s Association, National Committee of Collegiate XBOX Live Over-Users


My name is Dan Minamide and I’m a senior in Lowell House. I play safety for the Harvard football team and I am concentrating in Sociology with a secondary in Economics. During the school year, you will most likely find me on XBOX Live playing the new Call of Duty (Gamertag: Nine Ronin). Yes, you can try to defeat me. No, you will not. I am extremely passionate about the growth and success of the DAPA program at Harvard and I will answer all of your questions via an XBOX Live Headset. Gamers unite!

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