Graham Frankel

Subcommittee: Community Education and Outreach

House: Pforzheimer

Freshman Entryways: Hurlbut 3-4, Matthews 4-5 North, Matthews 4-5 South, Thayer 2, Thayer 5, Weld 3

Year: 2012

Concentration: Human Evolutionary Biology

Email: [email protected]

Other Affiliations: Peer Advising Fellow, Pfoho HoCo Co-Chair, Harvard Woodturning Group, DAPA A-Team


Graham Frankel was born in Bostonian suburbia. He is a co-Chair of Pforzheimer House studying Human Evolutionary Biology and applying to medical school. Graham is a connoisseur of movies with A-list stars and B-list plots and in his spare time enjoys long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain, and watching chessboxing.

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