Athletes and Dry Season

The spotlight on sports this month (Go Crimson!) got us thinking about how alcohol can affect the body and brain, as well as how it can limit athletic performance.


Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’ve heard of “dry season.” Here are some reasons why a team might decide to limit alcohol consumption while it’s in season:

1. Human Grown Hormone (HGH): The natural secretion of HGH helps to build and repair muscles…

But alcohol decreases the level of secretion of HGH and can affect muscle recovery. 2. Hangovers: Having a hangover can decrease aerobic capacity… As well as athletic performance.

3. Hydration: In sports, the number one reason for early fatigue is dehydration. Alcohol intake stimulates the kidneys to produce urine, causing the body to lose fluids faster.

Dehydration also increases the potential for injury.

4. Binge Drinking: Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol in one night…

Can have large implications on brain and body activities for days.

5. Alcohol Poisoning: Puking as a result of drinking too much can negate training that has been put in.

Moral of the story: Alcohol's effects often last longer than the night you drink, and they can impact athletic (and academic) performance!