Even Bond Breaks for Water: Freshman Formal 2015

Freshman Formal is this Wednesday! Get excited for a night of food, dancing, and memories you won’t want to forget!

You may have plans to pregame formal, but sometimes pregaming an event leads to missing it entirely. You don’t want to miss that kid from section bust a move on the dance floor. Freshman formal only happens once, and it's a lot more fun if you make it there!

If you choose to drink, try to spread out your consumption and alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic beverages. Remember that you may not instantly feel the effects of alcohol because it takes about 30-60 minutes to enter your bloodstream. You can take that time to hydrate with water, which will be served at the Formal and passed out by DAPAs in Annenberg!

If you see anyone affected by alcohol poisoning, be a friend and get help. At the Formal, members of the FYSC and Proctors will be wearing name tags so you know who to go to for help.  Don't forget that the amnesty policy is always in effect!

When the dance is over, head to the square with a friend for a late night snack! Nothing’s better than a sandwich from the 24 Hour Market at 1am! Or take advantage of our DAPA Deal with Ihop, which is open till 4am!

You’re Smart. Party smart for Freshman Formal. You’ll want to be there for that slow song.. and remember it in the morning!