Spring Break, Where Dreams Come True

#SafeSpringBreak #BlockOutTheSun #NotYourMemories

#1: Buddy System

There are all types of friends. Some you can trust to help you come up with master plans:

Others you can trust to keep yourself together:

Bottom line: Friends are fun AND helpful! Using the buddy system might take making plans or pulling your friends together when they need some help, but it's always best to stick together.

#2: It’s Sunny. Hydrate.

When we’re swimming and dancing under the sea, it’s easy to forget how dehydrated we can get! Don't end up like Flounder and Sebastian...you're not a fish. Hydrating is a great way to prevent a hangover.

#3: Contacts!

Be prepared! Adventure is out there!

You can probably leave your safety goggles at home, but make sure you memorize or write down the contact information of your friends and emergency contacts! Your phone's always running out of juice, so don't trust it!

#4: Eat!

Simple. If a mouse needs to eat, you need to eat. Eating before drinking is a great way to help you stick to your optimal buzz.

#5: Be Your Own Bartender

Know what’s in your drink and who is making it. Avoid this guy at all costs.

#6: Travel Tips

Do your homework about the destination and keep in mind you're subject to the laws of the country you visit. Fun fact: Your alcohol tolerance may be lower in new environments!

#7: Going Out!

When you're drop, dropping it low, make sure you're doing it with your friends.

Wooziness, confusion, difficulty standing and slurring speech are all signs that your dancing might not look as good as you think and that you should maybe alternate.

#8: Hot Tubbing

Chilling in the hot tub? Hakuna Matata!

Hot tubs might be relaxing, but the extreme heat can lead to dehydration. Therefore,

the effects of alcohol are felt sooner and stronger in a hot tub and can lead to unconsciousness and drowning.

#9: Have Fun!

And stay safe so you can make great memories.