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Frequently Asked Questions


Types of Parties:
Q: Does DAPA fund parties that have alcohol?
A: Yes! In fact, one purpose of DAPA grants is to reduce high-risk behavior by providing alternatives at such events.

Q: Can DAPA grants go to parties without alcohol?
A: Yes, of course! These events should occur during high-risk hours but offer a social alternative to parties with alcohol.

Q: More generally, what types of parties does DAPA fund?
A: Anything from movie screenings to dance parties. Please take a look at our criteria for specifics.

What We Fund:
Q: Does DAPA fund alcohol?
A: No.

Q: Does DAPA fund mixers?
A: No. If you want DAPA to fund non-alcoholic drinks at your party, then there cannot be alcohol at the party.

Q: Does DAPA provide water for parties?
A: If there is alcohol at your party, a case(s) of water will be provided in your grants kit. Since we cannot fund non-alcoholic beverages at these parties, we provide you with water as an alternative to alcohol. If your party does not have alcohol at it and you would like a case of water, please indicate this in your budget.

Q: Then what exactly can DAPA fund (chicken wings, pizza, birthday cake, etc)?
A: We fund “substantial” food items and non-alcoholic beverages that cannot be used as mixers. Our goal is to help you have food in your stomach and stay hydrated when you go out. We do not fund decorations or entertainment (DJs, performers, etc).

Timing and Deadlines:
Q: When do I have to fill out the application by if my party is this weekend?
A:  By Wednesday at 8 pm, the week of your  party.

Q: When will I find out whether or not I got funding?
A: Applicants will be notified of awards by Thursday 12pm of the week for which you applied. Make sure you to plan to pick up your party kit from 12pm to 4:45pm Thursday or 9am-4:45pm Friday!

Q: Which days/times are eligible for DAPA grants?
A: Events that occur during “high-risk” times are eligible for grants. This includes Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, usually after 8 pm. Some exceptions to this rule are the night before a holiday and special events, such as Harvard-Yale tailgates and nights before house formals. We generally do not fund events that occur during reading period and finals when houses do not allow for parties to be registered or when university is closed (thanksgiving weekend, j-term, spring break, and summer) – the committee cannot meet during these times and, therefore, cannot review applications.

Location, Registration, and Partnering with Other Organizations:
Q: Does my party have to be registered?
A: Technically, yes. We want to make sure that we’re awarding grants to events that are not going to get shut down. But we’re not going to check, so use your discretion. (For example, a gathering of fewer than 15 people does not need to be registered.)

Q: What if my party is happening off-campus?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t fund events that are off-campus.

Q: Can final clubs, fraternities, sororities, or other social groups get grants?
A: We cannot fund events that are off-campus and that already have other sources of funding. However, if you believe you would benefit from a DAPA presence at one of your events, please contact us at [email protected] to work something out. Furthermore, this does not mean that students in these social groups cannot apply for funding for their personal parties that are on campus.

Q: Can HoCo’s apply for DAPA grants?
A: DAPA grants is focused on providing awards to groups and individuals who do not already have some other source of funding. HoCos are funded by both the UC and The College. While we can’t co-sponsor events with HoCos, HoCo members may apply for their own personal parties and students may apply for non-sponsored events that are open to the house community.

Q: What if I want a DAPA presence at my party? Does DAPA partner with other groups for special events and larger grants?
A: Just ask. We’d love to be involved with your event in whatever way we can, especially if it supports our mission. You can email [email protected] for more information and we can get you in touch with the right DAPA. In the past, we’ve worked with the Freshman Dean’s Office, The Happy Nest, sororities, and other organizations on campus.

Grant Kit and Logistics:
Q: What is included in my DAPA grant?
A: Besides the monetary value of the grant itself, we provide you with cups, plates, and napkins. As stated above, we provide a case(s) of water for parties with alcohol, or if you request a case in your budget. We also ask that you put up our flyers/posters up to help spread the word.

Q: What is the average size of the grant?
A: Between $20 and $50.

Q: How many grants can one apply for each semester?
A: As many as you want. However, we do try to impact the most people possible with the limited funding we have. Therefore, we tend not to give the same organization funding every time they apply. This being said, we review applications on a per week basis, so it really depends on how many other applications we get that week. If you’re hosting fun, safe events that cater to a wide population, using the grant properly, and putting effort into your applications, we’ll consider your application every week in an unbiased manner.

Q: How do I receive my grant?
A: All grants are fulfilled by reimbursements. Save your receipts and fill out the Student Compensation Form that was sent in your award email. Bring them to the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS), located on the second floor in 7 Linden St, within one week of your event. You will receive a check in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

Q: Why didn’t I get fully reimbursed for the items on my receipt?
A: We only reimburse items that we provided a grant for, which is based on your proposed budget. Therefore, if we gave you a grant for pizza, and your receipt has pizza and candy on it, we will only reimburse the pizza and not the candy. This is why it is important to ask for an itemized receipt.


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