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Party Tips

Rule #16: Looking sloppy is never cute.

Rule #44: No excuses, eat like a champion.

Rule #59: Chug some water.

Rule #75: Be your own bartender.

If you choose to drink, be sure to know what’s in your drink and how strong it is. Here are some basic facts:

Drink Measurements

Best way to cure a hangover? Eat. Hydrate. Alternate. Stop the hangover before it starts.

Always remember, if you are worried about a friend being too intoxicated, use Harvard’s Amnesty Policy and get your friend help. When in doubt, take the person to UHS.

“Students may bring an intoxicated or drug-impaired friend to University Health Services or to a hospital, or seek assistance from College residential life staff or HUPD, and by doing this, neither they nor the friend will face disciplinary action from the College for having used or provided alcohol or drugs.”

                                                                                    The Amnesty Policy

                                                                                    Harvard College Student Handbook

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