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If there’s anything DAPA is good at giving away, it’s sound advice. But we’re also good at giving away free stuff. Check out the links below to see some of the giveaways we have.

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DAPA Notepad

General Swag

You’re smart, so you party smart. Our pen and notepad can help you keep track of your drinks, just like you keep track of everything else in your life. And what’s better? You can look slick while doing it. « DAPA Swag

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Grants Party Kit

Grants Party Kit

Our DAPA cups have markings so you can count your (standard) drinks. Our DAPA water bottles can help you hydrate and alternate. Now munch away, and we can help you clean when you’re done!   « DAPA Swag

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DAPA Bottles

Water Bottles

Our most coveted item: DAPA water bottles. With almost 4000 DAPA Camelbaks on campus, it’s no wonder you want one too. Stay tuned though - we don’t give them away that often. You’ll most likely get one on National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) in the spring. Yeah, we’re waiting for it too. « DAPA Swag

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Flash Drive

Flash Drives

  Our newest item - a great way to hold on to your memories!   « DAPA Swag

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