Oct 01 2013

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Harvard Proof!

Students of 2014 and 2015, think waaaay back to the August before freshman year. You had to take a break from Facebook stalking your newly assigned roommates and avoiding your parents’ packing questions to participate in a lengthy program called AlcoholEdu, the only required assignment from Harvard prior to your arrival.

Now think back to a month afterward in the mayhem of “Camp Harvard” week, when you met your entryway DAPAs to review this information in workshop form in a more a personable, Harvard-specific, and peer-friendly atmosphere (we hope!).  Well, guess what? A group of DAPAs decided to create our very own “AlcoholEdu”-esque program in order to show incoming freshman the Harvard student perspective from the start.  We started the project- named Harvard Proof (get it?)- in the spring of 2012 with the ambitious goal of launching its pilot year for the Class of 2017 this August.

Full of interactive games, educational videos, and concise, scientific information, this new 1-hr program encapsulates what DAPA aims to achieve on campus: finding cool and interesting ways to provide you with the knowledge to have an awesome, fun, and safe time while you’re at Harvard. We designed this customized program for Harvard students by Harvard students, because we know that our peer perspective is the most reliable source of information you could find.  We had a blast filming the program with our fellow undergraduates, and there are even some familiar faces from the Senior Class Committees of 2013 and 2014 with starring roles.

So now are you jealous that you had to go through 2 hours’ worth of clicking little bubbles? Yeah, us too! Hope you enjoyed it, 2017!

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