Melissa Oppenheim

Subcommittee: Promotion and Design

House: Eliot

Freshman Entryways: Canaday A, Lionel, Mower, Thayer 4

Year: 2012

Concentration: History and Science

Other Affiliations: The Digital Literacy Project, Isis, Member of the Board of the COOP, Kappa Kappa Gamma


Hi! My name is Mel Oppenheim and I am currently a rising senior in Eliot house studying online legal and privacy issues in the History of Science department. Outside of DAPA, I helped found and now run the Harvard-affiliated non-profit organization, The Digital Literacy Project (, which seeks to teach low-resource teachers and students how to use technology in beneficial ways inside the classroom. I also have served on the Harvard/MIT COOP’s Board of Directors for 3 terms, which has been a really rewarding experience. My favorite hobby is photography (would recommend any of the VES photo classes) and I absolutely love dogs , food!, trying new things, and traveling.

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